Carjacking Victim Talks To 11 News

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The victim of a carjacking tells 11 News she can't believe what happened to her.

Marilyn Ager says she turned onto Troy Hill near Airport and Powers while driving home Wednesday afternoon. A man stopped her, pointed a gun at her and told her to get out of her SUV. She did and the suspect took off.

"My first reaction would usually be to slam the door on him, but seeing a gun, he said 'get out' and I said 'ok,'" said Ager.

Ager's purse and cell phone were in her SUV when it was stolen.

She tells 11 News that police were able to track the suspect using her cell phone. Once police caught him, they brought Ager to the scene to identify the suspect.

"They took me up to Powers and Carefree and they had him stand up. He immediately, when he saw me, he turned around. He didn't want me to see him," said Ager.

Ager tells 11 News she did get her SUV back but it wouldn't start, so she had it towed to a dealership to get fixed.

She says the only thing missing from her purse was some cash. She thinks the suspect stopped at a fast food restaurant at some point and got some food because she found hamburgers and french fries in her vehicle.

Police say that Ivan Stamps is the suspect in this case. Police say he went on a wild crime spree on the east side of Colorado Springs Wednesday afternoon. He remains in jail tonight and is facing a laundry list of charges.