Police Seeking Public's Help In Locating Witness To Crime

The crash scene on North Circle, Oct. 13

A man accused of carjacking a vehicle, then firing at pursuing officers as he tried to flee in the stolen car, was taken into custody after officers forced the suspect off the road and caused him to crash.

Though Carl Griego, 33, is in custody, the investigation is far from over. Police are searching for an individual who may have seen the crime. Police are searching for a person who was standing at the corner of Lelaray Drive and Circle Drive on the night of October 13. Police will not release any further information at this time as to what this person looked like or why this particular location is significant.

If you are this individual or know who this person is, call Detective John Koch at 444-7535 or Detective John Garza at 444-7553.

According to police, on October 13 Griego approached a man parking his truck in the area of Galley and Murray in Colorado Springs, pointed a gun, and ordered the man to get out of his vehicle. Officers spotted Griego on the road 40 minutes later and followed him for more than three miles before forcing the crash on the 600 block of North Circle.

Officers involved with the incident said that when they first tried to pull Griego over, he shot at them several times, then sped off.

After the crash, Griego and one officer were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. After his release, Griego was charged with attempted first-degree murder of a peace officer and aggravated robbery.