Car Chase Ends In Crash

A car chase lasted for more than twenty miles, as deputies chased a car down I-25 last night.

It happened at about 10:30 p.m. Monday night, a time when there is still a lot of traffic on the interstate.

State patrol tells 11 News that a trooper noticed a Dodge Caravan weaving in and out of traffic. The trooper turned on his lights and went after the van, but the driver didn’t stop. State patrol says the van tried to outrun them for more than 20 miles.

At one point, state patrol says they had to back off the chase, because of heavy traffic. They say they turned off their lights, but continued to follow the van. Troopers say the van exited on County Line Road and sideswiped a patrol car. A second patrol car eventually caused the van to crash into a pole.

43 year old George Stapleton was taken into custody. Troopers say they think he was under the influence. 11 News did some checking, and Stapleton has several warrants including one felony.