Car Hits Tree In Southeast Colorado Springs

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Normally the neighborhood around Trailmark Loop, located near Airport and Powers, is pretty quiet. The kids play outside often and the neighbors get along fairly well.

But Sunday, they were all in a state of shock after they heard something that sounded like an explosion.

Several people came running outside to find a car sitting in one of their yards. The driver had rammed into a tree.

Police say he was going entirely too fast around the corner, lost control and slammed head-on into that tree.

Witnesses say there were two men in the car; they both got out. One grabbed a bag from the trunk and they both took off running.

"They kind of walked around and one man got some stuff out of the trunk and then they both ended up running away," Moeller said.

Police chased the suspect down and arrested him. They later told 11 News the bag had meth in it.

We talked to the woman who lives at the home where the suspect crashed; she was just glad that for some reason all the neighborhood kids, including her own, were inside when it happened.

"I am really just happy that my kids weren't outside playing. It's a really quiet neighborhood, so we have a lot of kids. They could have been on the sidewalk," Moeller said.

The driver will be charged with possession and hit-and-run.