Car Fires Start At Location Of July 5 Shooting

Two early morning car fires were reported at the same home where a shooting occurred just 11 days prior.

Firefighters were called to the home on the 3200 block of Tail Spin Drive just before 2:45 a.m. Wednesday on reports of two vehicles on fire in a residential driveway. The vehicles were engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived and parked dangerously close to the home. Firefighters got the fires out within five minutes and kept the flames from spreading to the house. Both vehicles were a total loss.

Eight people were in the house when the fire started.

Fire investigators are still working on a cause, but frightened neighbors tell 11 News they believe the fires were started in retaliation to a shooting on July 5. One woman was seriously injured, and several houses and vehicles were hit by bullets.

Police confirm that the car fires did start at the same location as that shooting, but will not say if they think the two incidents are related.

Tail Spin Drive is located near Milton Proby and Powers in Colorado Springs.