Car Explodes In Greeley, Man Seriously Injured

Credit: KCNC/Sandra Hill

The sound of an explosion ripped through a quiet neighborhood in Greeley as flames engulfed a car.

The owner, who was reportedly getting something out of the car when it suddenly exploded, was left severely injured.

A witness told sister station KCNC that owner Adrian Vigil may have lost an eye in the explosion, as well as sustained broken bones and major burns on his head. Vigil was reportedly getting something out of the trunk when the car blew up.

Neighbors described the moment as akin to an earthquake.

"It was like our whole house shook," neighbor Jerry Collins told KCNC. Collins said he initially thought an airplane had crashed near or into their house.

"It was that loud," Collins said.

Investigators say Vigil is a plumber, and may have had something in his vehicle that triggered the explosion, such as a gas canister. They believe the explosion was an accident and at this time are not anticipating criminal charges.

Credit: KCNC