Suspected DUI Driver Crashes Into Home, Injures Woman

At about 5:30 this morning a driver in an SUV was seen parked outside of a home on St. Elmo Ave. with his headlights shining into the house.

One of the residents went outside to see what was going on and after a moment went back inside.

The driver of the SUV, Jose Paz, then accelerated across the sidewalk, through a Xeriscaping rock bed, hit a car parked in the driveway, broke down a fence and came to a stop after hitting another home's front porch.

When the SUV hit the parked car, it crashed forward into the home breaking a hole in the stucco wall. On the other side of the wall was the headboard of a bed where Candace Sternthal was laying. The headboard was shattered from the impact.

"My head was bounced off of the headboard," Sternthal said. "I'm pretty worked up about the situation, getting your house crashed into isn't an everyday occurrence."

Sternthal also said she was glad her car was in the way because otherwise Paz would have crashed into the bedroom where her neighbor's children sleep.

Paz was charged with DUI and police tell 11 News that because the only damage done was to property that he will be cited and released.

Sternthal, who works in the medical field, initially told police she wasn't injured but eventually did go to the hospital after what she believed to be the symptoms of a concussion started to set in.

Police say that if Sternthal did in fact sustain injuries that Paz could face much more serious charges.