Car Break-Ins On The Rise

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A Colorado Springs woman reached out to 11 News that her car had been broken into.
Monique Laster tells us she was surprised to find out from Springs Police that Hondas are being targeted around the city.
She hopes her situation can help other people who live here.
Crooks broke her window, stole her amp and speakers and ruined the wiring in her car. Police say it was likely the person was trying to steal the car altogether.
This is the second time her Honda has been broken into. Springs police confirmed there has been an increase in car break-ins and car thefts over the past three months.
Police warn everyone to take valuables out of the car, lock your doors and if possible park in well-lit areas.
Laster tells 11 News she wasn't parked in her usual spot that is well lit. She was parked in the back of the parking lot. She says from now on she will park in the light and will get an alarm system as soon as possible.
Laster's car was almost stolen and as we've reported before Hondas are one of the most popular cars thieves target.
According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau the most stolen cars are 1994 Honda Accords, 1998 Honda Civics, 2006 and Ford F-150's. If you would like to see the entire list of the most stolen cars, just click