Cancer Patient Gets Fake Check In the Mail

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In this 11 Call For Action Alert, a Colorado woman who is fighting for her life gets a big check in the mail.

She thinks it's a donation to help with her medical bills, but it turns out to be fake.

Melissa DeHererra lives in Grand Junction, and was diagnosed with breast cancer back in June.

She tells 11 News her medical bills are quickly piling up, and so she was heartbroken when she found out the check was fake.

DeHererra says she got a check in the mail for more than $3,600 supposedly from Chick-fil-A.

She took it to her bank to deposit. The bank accepted the check, but told her several days later that it was fake.

11 News spoke with her brother who lives in Pueblo. He says he is furious about the situation.

"That's what made me so angry is if they're going to do this to people who are fighting a life threatening disease, who else are they going to do it to," said Heath Warner.

The strange thing about this case, is there doesn't seem to be a pay off for the person who sent the check. Right now, it looks more like a cruel joke.

A representative with Chick-fil-A tells 11 News they are aware of the situation. He says it's awful someone would do something like this. We're told the case has been sent to the company's legal department to investigate.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, it can sometimes take weeks to detect a forgery.

Even if the check is deposited in your account, you are responsible for any money you withdraw.

The FTC suggests not cashing checks from someone you don't know. If it's from a company, you can look them up and call them to see if it's real.

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