Caller Posing As Member Of Cartel In New Phone Scam

An alarming new phone scam is making the rounds in southern Colorado.

Crooks call and say they're with a cartel and have a member of your family held hostage. The caller then threatens that if you don't give them money, they're going to hurt or even kill you loved one.

The phone call can seem authentic because the caller typically knows a frightening amount of personal information about the person they claim to have hostage.

Police believe the caller is getting this information from social media sites.

This scam has been going on in other states, but recently showed up in Colorado. At least one instance has been reported to Colorado Springs police. In that case, the victim went to the police station immediately after receiving the call to report. The victim did not give the scammers any money.

Police say that if you get a call like this, try to get as much information as you can from the caller without telling them anything about yourself. Then, report the incident to police.

Police also warn the public to be cautious about what information they make available on social media sites.