Call For Action Alert: Phone Scam

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11 News has a warning about a potential phone scam. Folks in Colorado Springs are getting phone calls from someone claiming to be from the government, offering a reward for good citizenship.

Tyler Manwiller got a phone call on Thursday from a number he didn't recognize. A 202 area code from Washington D.C. flashed on his caller ID. When he answered the phone, the woman on the line said she was from the government and wanted to give him $8,000.

“She was telling me it was because I've been a loyal US citizen long enough to where I deserve money,” Manwiller said.

The woman on the phone said they were ready to deposit the money, but then, here it comes, she asked for his bank account number and Social Security number. He knew that wasn't right. Then, another huge red flag. The woman told him how to spend it.

“She wanted to give me the money and said, 'Don't use it for criminal activities like buying alcohol or drugs. Use it for school and bills,'" Manwiller explained.

When he cried scam, the woman hung up. 11 News called that number a couple times on Thursday night, and every time there was a recording saying all their lines were busy.

Manwiller says he hopes no one will fall for this scam. We did some checking with the Better Business Bureau. They have some very specific red flags about phone scams for all of us.

The BBB says don’t trust caller ID. Scammers have technology that lets them display any number or organization name on your screen. Also, the government usually contacts you by mail. So be cautious of calls or text messages. If you get a call it's best to hang up. Don't press any buttons and don't call back. Returning the call may give the con artist information they can use. Never give out your personal information.