CVS Officially Pulls Tobacco Products From Shelves

Don't try making a cigarette run at CVS--the nation's second largest drugstore chain has stopped selling tobacco products.

The company announced the decision in February, but officially pulled cigarettes, chewing tobacco and other tobacco products from its shelves Wednesday.

CEO Larry Merlo told CBS in February that the decision was made after a lot of discussion, with the company ultimately concluding that it was contradicting its health care mission by selling tobacco.

"It's a real contradiction to talk about all of the things we are doing to help people on their path to better health, and at the same time sell tobacco products," Merlo said on CBS This Morning earlier this year.

The company is aware it will take a major financial hit--it expects to lose roughly $2 billion a year.

CVS competitor Walgreens told 11 News they have no plans to follow suit.

"We provide a convenient, seamless, one-stop, quit-smoking strategy that we believe can make the difference in successfully quitting," the company said.

Ceasing cigarette sales is not the only change CVS is making--the company is changing its name from CVS Caremark to CVS Health.