CSU-Pueblo Leaders Decide On Employee Layoffs

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School leaders at Colorado State University-Pueblo say they may not have to lay off as many people as they first thought.

On Friday, leaders said they will have to cut up to 22 employees instead of 50 to make up for the $3.3 million projected deficit for 2014-2015. The university says one of the reasons is because no tuition increase was imposed on students for 2014.

There was another protest Friday about the job cuts at CSU-Pueblo. Hundreds once again voiced frustrations over the university's decision to lay off some of its employees.

We talked to a professor at the protest, who says cutting staff is unfair for the students. A student in the psychology department, Heather Stover, added that staff is already short. She said cutting more faculty members there will be detrimental. "I spend a lot of money and a lot of time and commitment being here... My education is very important and to take away from that is unbelievable," said Stover.

The university has yet to say who will be laid off. CS- Pueblo President, Lesley Di Mare, said in a forum Friday that those selected to be laid off will be notified of their termination sometime between January 20 and January 31. Those with tenure won't be impacted. The last day of employment for those being let go will be June 30, 2014.

Leaders at CSU-Pueblo have now set up a website to help students and faculty understand new changes with the budget. School leaders say the new website called "Budget Central" will help strengthen communication between the university and students. This resource was announced at a university forum.

The site will be used to relay all future information surrounding the budget. Anyone will be able to access university budget documents. The university hopes the site will end confusion over recent cuts to the budget.

At the forum, CSU Chancellor Micheal Martine answered questions from students, staff and faculty. Martin said, "Despite the fact that you may have felt disenfranchised, I congratulate this team for doing it in a way that has the very minimal amount of damage and hopefully will allow us to not continue to push additional costs and other outcomes on students."

The 22 terminated staff members will also be able to use the site during their transition.

For more information on "Budget Central" visit: