CSPD: Police Dog Finds Drugs, Catches Suspect

Credit: Colorado Springs Police K-9 Unit Facebook page

One of CSPD's canine crimefighters has another notch under its collar after first helping police find drugs in a vehicle, then catching the suspect when the suspect allegedly tried running away.

Officers detained the suspect after stopping his vehicle on East Fountain Wednesday night. The suspect was put in the back of the squad car while K-9 Broc sniffed around the vehicle looking for drugs. Police say Broc located 136 grams of suspected cocaine and 30 grams of suspected marijuana. Officers also reported finding more than $2,600 in cash.

When police took the suspect out of the squad car to cuff him, they say he tried to make a run for it. He didn't get far before Broc caught him. Police say the suspect was then taken into custody. He has been identified as James Parks.