CSPD Officer Formally Charged With Felony Evidence Tampering

Credit: CSPD

The El Paso County District Attorney's Office has filed formal charges against a member of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Officer David Rosenoff is charged with tampering with evidence, driving under the influence and careless driving.

Rosenoff, an almost 24-year veteran of CSPD, was reportedly involved in a crash in the early morning hours of November 9 near I-25 and Woodmen Road in Colorado Springs. Rosenoff was off-duty and driving his personal car.

Police tell us the police officer on scene suspected Rosenoff of drinking. They went to the hospital to draw blood to test for alcohol. He was ticketed with DUI and taken home.

But investigators say when the arresting officer got back to his police cruiser, he noticed the blood sample was missing.

Rosenoff is currently on paid administrative leave, but now that formal charges have been filed, that could change--the Colorado Springs police chief is now trying to get Rosenoff on unpaid leave.