CSFD Employee Wins Emmy For Black Forest Fire Video

A video of firefighters battling to save a home went viral during the Black Forest Fire.

Shot by Steve Schopper of the Colorado Springs Fire Department, the video captured a crew in the middle of a fire fight. Surrounded by smoke and with flames creeping closer, Schopper shows the great risk firefighters took to save as many homes as they could during last year's fire.

The video has been seen around the world, and has been used to train firefighters nationwide.

An audio visual specialist with the fire department, Schopper can now add another title to his name: Emmy award winner. Saturday, Schopper took home the prestigious award for the video. The video was used by the multimedia team at the Denver Post for a piece they put together. Schopper was credited as the videographer. The piece won an Emmy in the category of Public Affairs Program.

Two days after winning the award, it still hasn't completely sunk in.

"I never thought that in the profession that I am in...I don't know of any firefighters that have won an Emmy before," Schopper told 11 News Monday. "I was like, 'There's no way I'd ever win one of these.'

"The next thing I know, we are hearing my name called."

The award now sits in one of the CSFD fire stations, where Schopper laughingly says he always double-checks to "make sure it's there."

Though ecstatic about the award, Schopper grew emotional when he discussed what the award means.

"It was a tribute to all of the firefighters and all those who lost their homes [gets teary]...I can't hardly describe the feeling."