City Council Overrides Majority Of Mayor's Vetoes

The 2012 budget process for the city of Colorado Springs is finished. The process ended Thursday afternoon with the City Council's voting to override five of Mayor Steve Bach's line-item vetoes.

Colorado Springs' City Council made several changes to Bach's initial budget proposal, and the mayor says he couldn't support them all.

The mayor held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to announce his seven line-item vetoes. The City Council met in a special session Thursday afternoon, where they discussed the vetoes and voted to overturn five of them. This was done in a special meeting because it needed to be complete before the end of the year.

To overturn each of the mayor's line-item vetoes, the council needed a vote from at least six members.

Here is a list of the items vetoed by the Mayor, and the City Council's action:

Overridden Vetoes:

  1. $43,000 to change a Legislative Communications position from half-time to full time.

  2. $175,000 for City tennis courts maintenance and repairs.

  3. $84,295 for 1.0 FTE Code Enforcement Officer.

  4. Move Colorado Municipal League and Pikes Peak Area Council of Government dues from General Costs budget to City Council budget for $0.

  5. Increase contribution to Fund Balance for $361,000. (The Mayor wanted to increase that to $673,295.)

Confirmed Vetoes:

  1. $10,000 to the Old Colorado City Historical Society for education, history and culture.

  2. Authorize Parks staff to grow flowers for “Springs in Bloom” for $0.

Those seven items, and a handful of others, were added to the mayor's initial budget proposal by the City Council. Bach had called those items he vetoed "non-essential."

During the announcement of his vetoes, Bach once again trumpeted his call for the city to become more fiscally responsible. "It's the math, not Steve Bach," was written on his official Twitter feed.

"This is a huge day. This is an assertion of power. This is a balancing of power in the city's governance." Leigh said of the process. "Council, when its unified, is a very strong body and it showed itself today."

This marks the end of the budget process for 2012.