Colorado Springs Police Tackle Car Thefts

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There's a chance right now somebody in Colorado Springs is driving around in a car they stole today. It happens over and over every day in Southern Colorado. That's why the auto theft unit with the colorado springs police is trying out some creative techniques to catch these crooks.

CSPD detective Owen Scott says he can't go into detail about how their surveilance techniques work but he's confident they're working.

Since they launched in january his 3 person team has made 45 arrests, the latest on international circle avenue where they were tracking a stolen vehicle.

"We established some surveilance. We were later able to contact a suspect around the vehicle, and take him into custody without incident," Scott said.

That suspect, 33 year old Ryan Becker has had several runins with the law in the past. Detective Scott says its the victims that keep him working so hard.

"A lot of times its a single parent. Its the only car they have. If it's an older couple it's their only mode of transportation. To be able to get that back it's very satisfying."