Cheyenne Creek Overflows Banks

Colorado Springs police say Cheyenne Creek is overflowing its banks.

Twelve homes are affected. Folks on W. Cheyenne Road between Cresta and May are under a voluntary evacuation notice.

Police say debris is obstructing the regular flow of water. Crews are on scene to break it up.

They are also dredging out the creek and using the mud to build berms in an effort to keep the water away from homes. Volunteers are also getting sandbags in place.

The Red Cross is handing out shovels, tarps, trash bags, and clean up kits to aid in the flood relief efforts.

Debris blockages are one reason that areas around creeks and other waterways can still be very dangerous after a flash flood, even after the rain has subsided.

The debris blocks the flow of water, but they can give way suddenly, sending a new and unexpected rush of water downstream.