Utilities CEO 'Relieved' That Drake Power Plant Damage Wasn't Worse

Firefighters responding to the Drake Power Plant fire May 5, 2014

The Colorado Springs Utilities CEO says he feels some relief after seeing the interior of the Drake Power Plant for the first time since last week's huge fire.

"I was actually relieved," CEO Jerry Forte said. "The damage seems to be confined to a very small area of the plant, which leads me to believe we can hopefully get this restored pretty quickly."

Photos released by Springs Utilities show heavily damaged wires in the plant, and damaged some of the structure. The Colorado Springs fire chief credited quick-acting firefighters from getting the fire under control before it became substantially worse; early on there were very real fears the building might explode.

Forte says utility workers are still trying to figure out how quickly they can get the plant up and running. The temporary loss of the plant has forced Springs Utilities to buy power from other companies.