CDC: 37 Salmonella Cases Reported In Colorado, Most In Nation


More than three dozen states are now included in a nationwide Salmonella outbreak.

Based on a map from the CDC, Colorado has the most cases, with 37 reported. Texas is next with 32 cases, followed by Washington State and New Mexico, both with 19 cases reported. According to the CDC, 316 people nationwide have been infected.

The outbreak is believed to be linked to a hatchery in eastern New Mexico that sells live baby poultry by mail and supplies them to feed stores. Federal health officials say they plan to do more tests before they can confirm the source of this outbreak.

Symptoms of Salmonella infections include fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. The illness usually lasts no more than a week, and in most cases does not require hospitalization. Those most at risk of severe infection are children younger than 5, elderly adults and people with weakened immune systems.