CALL FOR ACTION ALERT: Expired Baby Formula Sold in Store

There's an important reminder for parents everywhere after a local mom found expired baby formula for sale at a store.

Like many mothers, Latanja Lynch is very particular about what she gives her baby. That's why she was so surprised to see the formula she just bought at the Walmart near Powers and Palmer Park in Colorado Springs was one month expired.

"I noticed there was a weird smell to the soy formula that I purchased and didn't even think about checking but something told me to check the expiration date. I did and it clearly showed that it expired on March 1st of this year," she said.

She returned the Similac Soy Formula to the store, but when she went to replace it with a new package she found it wasn't just her container that was expired.

"I found six other formulas of the same brand, same kind, still expired, same date so I just felt it was ridiculous," said Lynch.

11 News visited the store several hours later and found many packages of formula that expired last month were still on the shelf. They were removed later that night.

The Food and Drug Administration says that if the 'Use by' date for formula has already passed, it should not be fed to infants.

"It's just frustrating and I hope no one has to go through that and make their child sick," said Lynch.

She hopes Walmart will be more aware of expired products, especially those for infants.

"Check the expiration dates because you can't trust the store to do it," she said.

11 News spoke to the manager at the Walmart, he told us they were not aware of the issue but will now be doing a full sweep of the entire infant formula aisle.

When we went back to the store to check, the expired formula had been removed.