Business Owner Warns Neighbors To Stop Crooks

Burglars are hitting businesses in Old Colorado City. One owner wants to get the word out.

Dona Riley says she’s seen a rise in crime in her business neighborhood in Old Colorado City, and she wants it to stop.

You can still see a footprint left on the back door of the Mountain Metaphysical Shop, after a burglar kicked it in just over a month ago.

"Tore off part of the wall, broke the light switch, and everything-just made a terrible mess,
said owner Dona Riley.

Riley says this is the second time in four months crooks have broken into her old Colorado City business.

Crimes that cost thousands, and take an emotional toll.

“Anxiety and worry, You have a lot of anxiety that disturbs your sleep and things like that. I actually have had people sleep in the store a few times,” said Riley. “It was very disruptive and very stressful. It cost me sleep, it made me look at my customers with suspicion.”

Riley fears there is a rise in crime in Old Colorado City. Just Monday night someone smashed the window of the jewelry store two doors down from her.

Now she wants to warn her neighbors, so they’re prepared.

I think it’s important for people to realize that this is going on so they can be more watchful and take whatever measures they might take to prevent this,” said Riley. She adds, “I hope we can all work together to help with this issues, whatever it takes."

While Riley says she appreciates all the police does, she is hoping the community will push for more police presence.

We asked police about the alleged rise in crime in Old Colorado City. They couldn’t give us numbers or say if they’ve seen a recent increase right now. But they do say they are keeping an eye on the homeless population on the west side, because they’re seeing an increase in burglaries, where they stay or visit.

If you know anything about these crimes call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP (7867)