Busiest Day For U.S. Postal Service

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If you were caught in a line at the post office Monday, you weren't alone: it was their busiest day of the year.

For the most part, the people we talked to knew as soon as they walked through the doors that it was going to take a while.

"I just need stamps," Gabrielle Martinez said, standing in a line of at least 30 people.

"My mom asked me to mail these off today," Maria Pagan said while holding two packages.

All day long, the post office on 8th Street in Colorado Springs was buzzing. The line never had less than 20 people while we were there.

The stacks of letters and packages that needed to be sent out for processing and delivery was well over a thousand. The U.S. Postal Service spokesman, Ron Perry, said Colorado Springs offices will process about 1 million pieces of mail just from Monday. He said nationally, post offices were expecting nearly 6 million customers.

Martinez eventually jumped lines after another line was opened specifically to buy stamps. We checked back in with her 10 minutes after first speaking to her.

"You jumped around on me for our 10-minute check-in," I said.

"I did, I did. I came on this side because it seem like this line was moving a little faster," Martinez explained to me.

The line seemed to help with the waiting time; five minutes later, Martinez was gone.

We checked back in with Pagan, the woman who needed to mail two packages.

"Are you surprised by how quick the line is moving?" I asked.

"Yes it's actually moving pretty quick,” Pagan said.

“How are your arms doing?"


As packages continued to come in at a steady pace, the line continued to inch forward.

“I made it," Pagan said while at the counter.

By the 25 minute mark, Pagan was done.

"Thank you very much… and I’m out,” Pagan said.

Perry told us Springs post office workers have been working non-stop to get the shipments out on time. He said they spent several hours processing on Sunday and even made some deliveries.

If you want to work around or skip those lines, many post offices have kiosks where you can use a debit or credit card to print out the shipping labels you need.

Using an alternate shipping service like Fed-Ex or UPS are other options as well.

For USPS shipping deadlines, click on the link below.