Buses Park At Garden Of The Gods Illegally, GoG Says They Did Not Authorize

Beulah resident Beckie Mann says she and her husband, David, were trying to visit the park for the first time but were stopped when they saw two tour buses parked in the disabled lot they were trying to access.

In an 11 Call for Action investigation, KKTV got answers as to why.

Mann says she was rounding the corner to park in one of the lots while visiting the park when she saw the buses.

"They were actually parked side by side in a handicapped parking area. They had the entire handicapped parking area blocked."

The whole ordeal is especially upsetting to Beckie because her husband is disabled. She says she had to go to the opposite side of the park to actually park her car.

David says he is "irritated, annoyed, frustrated... humiliated in a way by the way they conducted themselves."

The Texas-based company says they were told to park there by a Garden of the Gods volunteer.

Garden of the Gods issued the following statement:

"We are awfully sorry that this has happened. Unfortunately, not everyone follows our park rules as they should. It is against our rules and law. We do not condone this."

If you have problems at the park, you are urged to report them to the visitor center immediately.