Bus Drivers Keeping Your Kids Safe On The Road

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. As school is starting for many kids in our area, District 20 is sharing how their bus drivers have prepared for the new year.

In total, bus drivers complete nearly 80 hours of training before driving kids. This includes in the classroom and on-the-road training. They must complete about 40 hours of training in order to get their commercial license. After that, they do another 40 hours of training with the school district.

They normally train about 30 to 40 new drivers a year. They have a staff of about 200 drivers that use around 150 buses.

Brian Grady, Executive Director for Security and Transportation, Academy of District 20, said, "They are transporting our most precious resource, our children. Parents expect that when that school bus shows up, they are going to be safety transported to and from school.”

Every school bus is equipped with special technology, including a GPS tracking system that is able to locate where the buses are in the city. It also includes a speed tracker so the district knows how fast the buses are traveling. Cameras are also installed on the bus to help the drivers be more aware of what's going on behind them.

“So they have to have the skill to pay attention what’s going on in front of them, in addition to what’s going on behind them to make sure that students are safe in their seats and getting to school on time,” said Grady.

District 20 says they screen all their drivers, and make them take random drug tests. They're always looking for people who communicate well, have a heart for children and can multitask.