Burglary at Beauty Supply Store

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A criminal breaks into a beauty supply store in Colorado Springs and steals thousands of dollars worth of products.

The owner tells 11 News the crime is part of a growing trend.

It happened at State Beauty Supply near Constitution and Academy.

Ron Parks and his wife have owned the store for 14 years. Parks tells 11 News that late Wednesday night, a crook threw a rock through the glass door and got inside the store. The thief grabbed beauty products and supplies, leaving empty shelves.

"Just a lot of mess," said Parks. "Heartbreaking because we're a locally owned, small business. We work hard doing the best we can."

Parks says the crook got away with over $6,000 worth of products, including some cash. He believes that criminals might be targeting beauty stores and salons in Colorado Springs, then turning around and selling the stolen goods.

"I've heard it's at the flea markets sometimes, Craig's List, Ebay," said Parks.

Parks had a new security system installed to make sure it never happens to him again.

If you saw anything and can help police track down the thief, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.