Burglary Suspects Caught on Neighbor's Surveillance Camera

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A man kicks in a door and then steals from a house. It’s all caught on camera thanks to a neighbor's surveillance system.

It is late afternoon on Saturday, October 6th. There is plenty of light but this crook doesn't care. He is casing the neighborhood on Santa Barbara Avenue in Pueblo. He rings the doorbell at one home and peers inside, then he changes his mind. Instead, he walks next door as his accomplice pulls into the driveway in a dark colored Jeep.

The Jeep has no license plate on the back, just a temporary tag.

Then the second burglar joins the man on the porch; they check to see if the coast is clear and then break in the front door.

Seconds later they are back outside with their arms full of electronics, including a flat screen TV.

The suspects load the gear into the car and drive away.

The person who lives at the house told 11 News they hope someone recognizes the two men. If you have information, call Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 542-STOP.