Burglars Strike Four Times, Steal Family's Christmas

A family is trying to move forward after a series of events leaving them upset and heartbroken.

Their house was struck by burglars not once, but they say four times. The worst part, the crooks even stole their Christmas.

Jacob Kushner, his fiancée Katie Murray and their two kids are now staying with family after they call the hardest four weeks of their lives.

“Why us, why so many times?” asked Kushner.

The house they’re renting off 9th Street in eastern Pueblo was burglarized four times, in as many weeks.

"We were terrified because we saw on our son's bedroom board of the door, it said 'Be Back,'” said Murray. “We were just so scared because that was our son’s bedroom.”

The burglars took nearly everything, from electronics to furniture. And what they didn’t steal they destroyed.

"They urinated on our chairs, walls...took Isaac's formula and just threw it all through the house, just really rude,” said Murray.

"Speechless, I mean how do you react to something like that?” said Kushner. “Breaking everything, urinating on everything; how do you react?”

Even more upsetting for this couple, the thieves stole their kids’ stuff.

"That's what really gets us, why steal from children? Their movies, their books, toys, clothes,” said Murray.

The burglars even destroyed the family’s Christmas tree and stole all the presents.

“We don’t really have the means to redo Christmas. We were saving up for Christmas and they took it away from our children,” said Kushner.

The couple tells us police say they probably won’t get any of their stuff back, and they didn’t have renter’s insurance.

The couple hopes one of their neighbors say something that can help police track down the burglars.

At the very least, they hope their story will encourage people to start watching out for their neighbors, so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

We asked the family if they had any idea why the burglars targeted them, and so many times.

They tell us they don’t have a clue why. They only thing they can think of is maybe the crooks were trying to target past renters of the house.

If you know anything about the burglaries that happened near the intersection of 9th and North Portland Avenue, you are asked to call Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 542-STOP (7867)

Remember you don’t have to give your name, just your information.