Burglars Busted On Surveillance Video; Third Suspect Caught

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Burglars took advantage of a family's vacation by breaking into the empty home and stealing several items.

But neighbors contacted Colorado Springs police and said they captured the crooks on camera carrying off the stolen goods from the home on Melville Drive. Police watched the surveillance video and say they were able to get descriptions of the three suspects. Using those descriptions and a social media page, officers identified all of the suspects.

Two of the suspects were located and arrested Tuesday, the same day the crime was reported. A warrant was put out for the third suspect.

One day later and just a few blocks from the first home, a second burglary was reported. Officers arrived at the home on Payne Circle East while the suspect was still prowling the property. The suspect ran from officers, but didn't get far before officers caught up. Once in police custody, officers identified him as the third suspect in the Tuesday burglary on Melville Drive. He was charged with multiple counts of second-degree burglary and burglary of a motor vehicle.

None of the suspects have been identified due to their age--all are juveniles--but police say they have been linked to several other burglarized homes and vehicles.

Officers were able to recover property stolen in the Tuesday burglary. Police have not stated whether anything was stolen in the Wednesday burglary.