Scary Moment For Family After Stray Bullet Ends Up In TV

Close up of the bullet hole in the ceiling.
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It was supposed to a night full of family fun and Disney songs but it turned out to be a night that left one family in shock.

Shirae Hines, her kids and her best friend say they were settling in to watch a movie when a bullet ripped through the ceiling of her home and became lodged in the flat screen TV.

Stunned and confused, Hines said that they all looked up and saw two holes: one in the ceiling and one in the TV. Hines' friend Kamika Raby called 911.

Police say the handgun was accidentally discharged by a person who was in the apartment above Hines' apartment. Police say they ticketed 25-year-old Amy Walter.

It was by the grace of God that no one was injured, Hines told 11 News.

Just minutes before the bullet went into her home, Hines' two daughters were up moving around and had actually walked past the bullet's entry point.