Arrest Affidavit: Man Accused Of Breaking In Through Air Duct Gave False Name

A man accused of breaking into the attic of a Colorado Springs business through an air duct is facing additional charges.

Arrest papers say Tyler Konecne, 43, gave police the wrong name when he was arrested. The papers state that the lie wasn't discovered until his fingerprints were taken later.

According to police, an employee at Town and Country Realty arrived at work Monday morning and noticed evidence that someone had broken in through the ceiling. Police were immediately called to the business, which is located within a strip mall on Astrozon, near Academy.

Officers said they could hear the suspect moving around in the attic area of the building. Surrounding businesses were evacuated while officers searched.

With the help of a CSPD K-9, Konecne was eventually taken into custody on burglary charges. Later when officers realized the name Konecne allegedly gave them--James McDow--was false, charges of attempting to influence a public official and criminal possession of an identification document were added.

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