61-Year-Old Pulled From Rubble 13 Hours After Pa. Building Collapses

Credit: AP

After a long day combing through debris of a fallen building stretched into night, rescue workers had a moment of joy when they pulled a 61-year-old survivor from the rubble.

The woman was reportedly alert when she was rescued--13 hours after a building collapsed onto the Salvation Army thrift store in Philadelphia, trapping people inside.

Cameras were rolling when a crew member announced the rescue of the latest survivor.

"We just wanted to report the good news that we made a rescue, and she is alive. She was talking to the firefighters as they were recovering her. She was taken in the ambulance."

Crews had been working frantically since Wednesday morning to rescue people. As of Thursday, the 61-year-old woman is the last survivor to be pulled out. The search has not officially ended, but the Associated Press is reporting that the search-and-rescue operation has been halted.

A four-story building in the process of being demolished collapsed onto the thrift store, killing six and injuring 14. Those injured are expected to recover.

According to Philadelphia's Department of Licenses and Inspections, there were no existing violations on the building scheduled for demolition, and the demolition company had proper permits.

Courtesy CBS Philly
Courtesy CBS Philly
Courtesy CBS Philly