Students Find Bugs In School Lunch

The health department is investigating after students at a high school in Colorado Springs found bugs in their school lunch Wednesday.

We spoke with students at Harrison High School after they started sending us pictures of what looked like bugs in their soup.

Mercedes Bonne, a senior at Harrison High School, told 11 News what she saw.

"I was getting my lunch and a girl in front of me said 'look what’s in the lunch' and we saw little bug things," she said.

Lizeth Romano was also eating lunch at the time the bugs were discovered and says kids started to panic.

"Everyone started throwing their food away and they just felt disgusting because it was in their body already.”

The district says a student alerted the staff about what was found and the lunch was immediately pulled from the tables.

District Two spokesperson Christine Lyle says the El Paso County Health Department was called in and determined they were either meal worms or weevils.

The health department believes the incident is isolated to a single batch of the soup.

"We worked with the health department, who could help us isolate and find out which batch of noodles was contaminated, and called the food vendor who provided those to us to make sure they weren’t being served other places,” Lyle said.

Parents were notified about the problem after school officials determined exactly what had happened.

While some mothers were angry, Melissa Goetz says mistakes happen.

"The fact that its coming up is called reality, it’s called life," she said.

We're told fewer than 100 students were served the tainted soup, but for those kids, it was a lunchtime find they never want to see again.

We asked the district if the vendor who gave them the tainted batch of soup distributes to any other districts, but they were not sure.

We checked with a couple other districts earlier today. District 11 says all of their work is done in-house, so they're not concerned about it happening in their district.

District 20 says they've not had a heads up from their single supplier.

The health department says eating these worms will not harm you.