Break-ins at Serenity Springs Wildlife Center

Several break-ins at the Serenity Springs Wildlife Center have prompted the management to consider major security upgrades.

More than 120 lions, tigers and various other cats live at the refuge in eastern El Paso County.

Crooks cut a hole in the chain-link fence that surrounds the facility. Nothing was stolen, and luckily none of the animals escaped before staff fixed the damage.

Two days later, a man climbed over the fence and an employee saw him petting one of the animals. The worker confronted him, but he got away.

Managers want to install cameras on the property to prevent any future break-ins. The director tells 11 News it is going to be very expensive for the security upgrades. She is hoping the public can help with donations to cover the costs.

If you would like to help, you can contact Serenity Springs by calling 719-347-9200.