Boston Marathon Runners Return to Southern Colorado

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11 News is staying in touch with runners who are now home from Boston. They say they’re happy to be home and they want a killer to be brought to justice.

The moment the first bomb went off Monday, reality rocked Michael Allen

"I knew it was a bomb," he said. “From my military training I knew it right away.”

Michael had finished his fourth Boston marathon minutes before completing the race at a pace that was a personal best. He met his wife, Elaine, who had been cheering from the crowd near the finish line. Looking back, they think Michael’s pace ensured their safety.

"If I had been slow,” Michael said, “She would have been right in the area where the second bomb went off."

The Allens describe the finish line as typically a place of celebration for runners and those cheering for them. The chaos that took over still rattles them both.

"I’m a little scared to watch again because of that,” said Elaine.

Michael, however, is determined. Planners have said next year's Boston Marathon is on. It will be the 118th running of the race. Michael’s best marathon finish won’t be his last.

"I'm not going to let them win,” he said.