Boston Bombing Suspect To Be Buried In Colorado?

As the corpse of the deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect remains in limbo, a Colorado man has offered to bury him here.

Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev's uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, has been seeking a location in Massachusetts to bury him, saying that the state was ultimately Tsarnaev's home. He has received assistance from Worchester, Mass. funeral home director Peter Stefan, but cemeteries in the state are unwilling to take the body.

Tsarnaev has now been dead for almost three weeks.

The founder of the Colorado Muslim Society says he would pay for a traditional Muslim burial--no headstone, monument or casket--at a Monument cemetery in the Denver area. Sheikh Abu-Omar Almubarac says the family would have to get the body to Denver.

People in Boston have been protesting the idea of Tsarnaev being buried anywhere in America. The response could be similar in Colorado if he did end up being buried in the state.

Some people have started a fund to send Tsarnaev's body to Russia, where his parents live. His mother reportedly wants him buried there.