Second Bomb Threat In As Many Days At Vista Ridge

A second bomb scare in two days at the same school. After searching the building for hours, police have given the all clear for Vista Ridge High School.

Authorities at the school today say every time something like this happens they are going to take every step necessary to protect these students. That's exactly what happened here today.

A very specific tip came in through the Safe To Tell web site at around 11 a.m. about a bomb inside the building.

Students again were immediately evacuated and then bussed to Skyview Middle School as they were yesterday.

Police were then called in to search the area with bomb dogs- they did not find anything suspicious.

One parent we spoke to says it's frightening for them and even more for the students and all you can do is be prepared.

"With the things that go on nowadays he's nervous," said parent Mike Siggs about his child, "but we've talked and I've just told him in situations like this it could be a situation where they just want to get you outside - so make sure you keep your head up stay barricaded or somewhere you can take cover. Unfortunately we have to have those talks nowadays"

Many parents have been asking questions about today's events, such as whether or not their students would have to come back tomorrow. Students do not have to come back tomorrow as it was already a scheduled day off.

We were told that tonight's school play will go on as scheduled. That starts at 7