Colorado Springs Police Report Vista Ridge "All Clear"; Nothing Found

Parents look on as students were evacuated from Vista Ridge High School this afternoon and moved to Skyview Middle School.
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At around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday night, Vista Ridge High School was given the "all clear" by Colorado Springs police who were called in shortly after 3 p.m. to investigate a bomb threat.

"We were very worried but we had no idea what was going on," student Alexandra Fox said.

"It's kind of scary, like I don't really know how to react to it," Chelsea Paxton added.

Police dogs searched both the building and the parking lot tonight but say they found nothing.

Earlier in the day, school officials received an anonymous tip that there may be explosives inside the school.

"A lot of people freaked out, there were people crying, calling their parents saying i didn't know what's going on," student Kimberly Striebel.

The threat came in after as school had let out so most students had already gone home. About 200 students were there for after school activities and were bused to a nearby school for safety.

"As long as they tell everybody where they're going where the kids will be to pick up, we should be all good," parent Alex Paxton.

We spoke with a district spokesperson about their response to this after receiving a similar tip earlier this week. Both of the tips came in through the schools "Safe to Tell" program.

District officials say the tips are not connected.

A baseball game and dress rehearsal for a school play had to be canceled that night.