UPDATE: County Official Says Paint Cans Mistakenly Left In Courthouse

Credit: KKTV
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-- UPDATE --

El Paso County officials tell 11 News that they have determined how paint buckets got into the courthouse.

They said someone brought in the buckets for a case they were involved in against a painter. Officials said that person forgot the paint cans in the courtroom and the doors were eventually locked for the day with the cans still inside.

Colorado Springs police are heading the investigation. 11 News is working to confirm that information with them.

-- Previous Coverage --

Somebody walked right into a courtroom in the El Paso County courthouse Monday with two huge buckets of paint and left them there unattended for hours.

It wasn't until a few hours after closing time that anyone even noticed.

Those buckets were right in the back row of one of the courtrooms.

Once those two 5-gallon buckets were found, the bomb squad was called right away.

They got in, investigated and gave the all clear. The buckets did contain paint, but not the kind used at the courthouse.

Sgt. Jim Jeffcoat with CSPD said one concern is that it could have been a "dry run" for something far more serious.

"If that is the case, if it is someone testing security measures, then we have to be aware of that. It could be something completely different than that as well, but we want to pay attention to these kinds of activities," Jeffcoat said.

The paint buckets were found in Judge Jonathon Walker's courtroom. He had extra security all summer long because he was involved in the investigation into the murder of Tom Clements.

Clements was murdered at his home in Monument last year. He was
the head of the prison system in Colorado.

The main who killed Clements, Evan Ebel, had ties to a prison gang.

The judge reportedly signed 20 search warrants related to a prison gang during that murder investigation.

That's what makes the discovery in Walker's courtroom all the more frightening--because of what it could have been.

Police say they have security camera video of the man who brought in the buckets of paint that they plan use to try to learn who he is.