Bomb Squad Removes Burned Trees

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The Colorado Springs Police Department bomb squad was in Black Forest on Tuesday for an interesting assignment. They used explosives to take down trees burned by the Black Forest Fire.

The sight caused quite a stir from some residents, who wondered about the combination of police tape, a bomb squad and a tree removal company all in one place.

It was part of a training exercise to remove dangerous trees. Instead of having firefighters cut down the trees with chainsaws, this technique allows them to remove trees from a safe distance.

“Our goal today was to come out and work with different explosives, light explosive charges that wouldn't damage anything in the surrounding areas, but we could actually take these trees down and make it safer for our firefighters and first responders,” said Chris Areseneau with the Colorado Springs Explosives Unit.

This was a joint training exercise with Springs police, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office and the fire marshal. They tried the technique on a handful of trees on private property along Coachman Drive.