Bomb Squad Called To Springs Neighborhood

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The Colorado Springs Bomb Squad was sent to a local hiking trail near several neighborhoods.

They got a call about a suspicious package on Cottonwood Creek Trail. That's near Union and just north of Dublin on the north side of Colorado Springs.

The package did not end up being explosive and police showed it to us. It turns out, it was two large batteries strapped together out in the open. They told us those types of batteries are often found in toy cars that kids can drive around.

Springs police said they got the call about the suspicious package around 5:30 p.m. Sunday. It was found against a wooden post on Cottonwood Creek Trail. When police got there, they also thought it looked suspicious. The bomb squad was called in to investigate and crime scene tape blocked off the trail to the public

We talked to people who live in the area and were surprised to see so much police activity.

"There were so many police cars and there were some of the trail on Cottonwood Creek right across from our apartment and this is very concerning is a church right there and like I said I take the dog over there every morning and I wanted to see what was going on before I went over there in the morning," Linda Buksar said.

Investigators were on scene for about two and half hours and said they don't know who left the batteries there, but they weren't dangerous.

Investigators told us, anytime you see something suspicious it's always best to call them. They said the person who called this in to police, absolutely did the right thing.