Officials Release Name Of Man Found Dead At Home on Meyers Ave.

We now know the name of a man who was found dead in a southern Colorado home, but we're still waiting to learn exactly how he died.

The El Paso County coroner identified him as 56-year-old Kenneth Youngblood.

Police say the roommate found the man's body in a common area of the home Tuesday morning and called 911.

By the time police arrived at the home, located on the 2100 block of Meyers Avenue, the roommate had already been transported to Memorial Central on possible carbon monoxide poisoning. Her condition is unknown.

Police say the coroner will have to determine the man's exact cause and manner of death before they can say for sure if he was poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Colorado Springs Utilities was also called to the scene, and say that the home's utilities were shut off the day before.

There was, however, a generator at the home -- powering an indoor marijuana grow, according to CSPD. Police say they are not pursuing an investigation regarding the marijuana at this time.

We will continue to investigate this story and bring you details as they become available.