Annual Bob Telmosse’ Christmas Giveaway Worries

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As we get closer to the holidays, a mainstay charity may not have a place to hold their annual event. People involved with the Bob Telmossé Christmas Giveaway said they're worried.

This will be the 29th year thousands of people in this city will experience the generosity of the giveaway but first they have to find a building. And time is running out.

Last year the Bob Telmossé Christmas Giveaway helped between 8,000-10,000 people. Giving families in need everything from food, presents, and clothing to help make the holiday season just a little bit better.

"A lot of planning a lot of people counting on us," giveaway organizer Tom Zurenko said.

Christmas is just 9 weeks away. We asked Zurenko if they didn’t find a building, would they cancel the event? What would people in the community think?

“If there's something like that and it's going to go away then it would be a huge hardship," a Springs resident said.

"It's unfortunate especially around the time of year when it's most needed in the community," another added.

Zurenko is hoping to find a place and fast, he said ideally the building would be near a bus line allowing families easy access to the event.

"If we find a smaller place with a big enough parking lot we have ways we can work around it, we have in the past,” Zurenko said.

He added that it takes nearly 600 volunteers and three weeks to get the Christmas Giveaway set up and organized.

"When we see people who come back to volunteer that were recipients that is the best thing in the world," Zurkeno said.

They're hoping someone will come forward with a space they can use by the first of December. If you'd like to donate a space/building for a month or some toys for the kids, log onto the link below: