BoCC Adopts Ordinance Banning Recrational Pot Sales in Unincorporated EPCO

El Paso County Commissioners voted Tuesday to ban the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes in unincorporated parts of the county.

The vote designates retail sales, infused product manufacturing and commercial grow facilities related to the sale of marijuana for recreational use. The BoCC cited provisions of Amendment 64 which say regulation of commercial activities related to recreational marijuana is assigned to local government jurisdictions.

Commissioners approved the ordinance on a 4 to 1 vote. Commissioner Peggy Littleton opposed.

According to a news release Tuesday Chair Dennis Hisey noted that enacting the county ordinance at this time, “allows everyone to work under the same rules,” rather than creating a situation where investors might move forward to build and equip commercial marijuana facilities only to discover at a later date they can’t meet state or local regulations which are have not yet been written.

The ordinance does not include Colorado Springs, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Calhan, Monument, Palmer Lake, Green Mountain Falls and Ramah.

Medical marijuana facilities are not part of the new county ordinance and those businesses are not affected.