Blow Before You Go: Test Your BAC At Local Bar

For just $1, bar patrons can test their blood alcohol levels before getting behind the wheel.
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Many are planning to hit the bars on Super Bowl Sunday as the Broncos try to bring home a win.

One bar owner is trying something a little different in hopes of creating a safer environment and deterring people from driving home drunk.

Some would say there's no real way to know your blood alcohol level after you've had a few to drink, but Brick's Bar and Grill owner hopes to change that. He's mounted a breathalyzer test to the wall of his bar.

"It offers a service that Colorado Springs could really benefit from," Kevin Howard told 11 News.

With just a dollar, you can use the "Boozalater 3001" to get your blood alcohol level accurate within .005 percent before you head home.

A man at the bar showed 11 News how it works.

"An easy $1 payment into the machine and there [demonstrates] you press down the lever and it will dispense a straw. It will countdown from five down to zero and then you blow for a few seconds and it'll give you an accurate result."

Bargoers can use it to decide whether to drive home or call for a ride, keeping the person behind the wheel and those on the street safe. Howard says the benefits are worth giving this product a try.

"We might see someone that we think might have had a little bit too much, maybe they're being a little difficult about it. Throw them a dollar and say, 'Hey, give it a try.'"

One other bar in Fountain has this machine. There is no cost to bar owners to get the machine; they actually get a percentage of profits made.

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