Dark Smoke, Flames Seen From Street As Firefighters Battle Blaze

Credit: Kari Rubalcaba

Black smoke streamed out of an auto shop Saturday, attracting a crowd of onlookers who watched as firefighters sprung into action.

The fire, which started at the CR Custom Repairs on 407 Auburn Drive, near Academy and Platte, was put out quickly, according to witnesses on scene, who credited firefighters for their rapid response.

The fire produced thick, black smoke seen for miles. It began to fade to white as the flames dwindled down, according to one witness.

According to employees at the shop, they were filling up a fuel tank when static electricity caused a spark. As fumes began to catch fire, spreading to the gas can, the employee holding the can dropped it, causing the flames to spread.

Two cars were destroyed, while a storage room full of auto parts and a wall were damaged. The building also got a lot of smoke damage.

Other than the employee holding the gas can, who burned his hand, there were no injuries to anyone involved.