Black Hills Energy Working To Restore Gas

An image of the burn area in the Black Forest fire.

Black Hills Energy, along with crews from across Colorado, have been working to get customers in the Black Forest area back on line.

Over the weekend they got their first crews into the evacuation area and worked to get those homeowner who are now in pre-evac areas back online with gas services.

At this time, a spokesman says that 1,000 customers have service - that's a third of those impacted and who still have homes. As more evacuations are lifted to pre-evac areas, crews with Black Hills have been placing yellow stakes by the homes whose service is on at the meter. Homeowners who see those yellow stakes only need to call Black Hills and a service technician will be able to turn their energy on.

Even if you do not see a yellow stake, Black Hills says if you are allowed back to your home that you should call them to have service restored.

Once service is restored, technicians will place a green stake at your home. That means you have service.

Officials ask that you leave those stakes in your yard for at least two weeks so that technicians in the area can easily spot areas who have power, and areas without.

So far, Black Hills Energy has been able to keep up with restoration of service to those pre-evacuation areas. They anticipate this will continue, but warn if they do get overloaded that it could take up to two days to restore your service.