Black Forest Roads Re-open To Public

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11 News talked to a pair of sisters about the new challenges facing neighborhoods coping with a major loss.

Heather Bisson and her sister Sarah Fischer grew up in this home on Black Forest road near Shoup. The home was owned by their dad and rented out by their step-sister. They're now trying to pick up the pieces and salvage what they can.

Their dad also lost the home he was living in less than a mile away.

"Our BBQ grill that we bought for our dad is back there and it's all burnt but we bought that one for either Christmas or Father's Day so it was kind of nice to see these," Fischer said.

They didn't have a lot of time on the property before the roads re-opened to the public.

"I guess they're just curious but I mean I guess they should give people more privacy because people are mourning," Bisson said.

"The owners should have had a little more time a bit more privacy to just digest everything," Fischer added.

While we were there with them, we saw several cars slow down and stare while driving through the neighborhood.

"Just trying to get through (the neighborhood), it's tough. It’s 45 MPH and they're going 15 or 10 MPH trying to look at things," Fischer said.

This fire started remains under investigation we'll.