Black Forest Reaching New Recovery Milestone

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It's been nearly a year since the Black Forest Fire, and the recovery process is on the verge of hitting a major milestone.

Some of the last of the burned trees, determined to be a hazard to the public, are being removed.

The six-week project was designed to cut down and remove trees that were burned in the fire, that could potentially fall onto roads in Black Forest or trails in Black Forest Regional Park. The project was a joint effort between El Paso County and Mountain View Electric; the county finished up its portion of the work earlier this month, while the electric company is expected to wrap up their end any day now.

The county removed almost 5,500 trees, and used more than 1,000 for erosion control in the park. We don't have numbers available yet for Mountain View Electric's portion of the project. Mountain View Electric is focusing their efforts on trees that pose a threat to power lines in the area.

The county says prior to the start of the Hazard Tree Removal Project, they had no idea how many trees to expect to take down.

The county's work was only done on public lands, but project managers sat it's important for private landowners to have their property cleaned up as well.